Five Myths About Being an HVAC Tech: Revealing the Truth

If you are considering becoming a technician in the HVAC industry, you are no doubt concerned with whether or not it is an occupation worth seeking. As with many other occupations you might pursue, this position may have you wondering: Will I find work? Will I make good money? Will my opportunity for career advancement be limited? Will I enjoy doing this? These are important questions. In an effort to dispel any worries you might have about pursuing a rewarding career in HVAC service, we would like to tackle five myths about being an HVAC tech.

5 HVAC Tech Myths Busted

Here are 5 common myths about being an HVAC technician that we’d like to bust for those who are interested in pursuing the profession:

1) HVAC techs don’t make much money.

There is potential to make very good money in the HVAC industy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, HVAC technicians bring home a median income of $46,640. As you become more experienced and proficient in your trade, you can expect a salary approaching $70,000.

2) You’ll have a hard time finding employment.

Heating and cooling needs are not going away. In fact, there will only be more need in the future. In 2012, there were more than a quarter million HVAC technicians addressing our heating and cooling needs. That number needs to grow. In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2022, the need for quality HVAC techs will grow 21 percent.

3) Becoming an HVAC tech will limit your career advancement.

About 16% of technicians go on to own their own service business, and there is room for that to grow. The highly specialized knowledge you acquire as an HVAC tech can serve as a solid foundation for running your own business. There is also the possibility of exposure to many other interesting career paths, including working with educational facilities, hospitals, even the aerospace sector.

4) Only men are HVAC technicians.

Not true. Many hardworking women actively pursue careers in HVAC service. It is just as rewarding for them as for men. In fact, maybe more so! Not only are more women working in the industry, but they’ve experienced a slightly higher pay increase than their counterparts from 2003-2007.

5) HVAC techs are not skilled workers.

Though you will grow to have greater proficiency throughout the lifetime of this rewarding career, it all starts with acquiring the basic fundamental skills. In addition to being mechanically competent, you will need specialized, accredited training, with programs taking less than two years. HVAC techs must go through a certification process. Some states require that you also pass a state level exam, so it is a good idea to investigate your state’s requirements ahead of time.

These represent a few of the major myths that people encounter as they begin to consider a career in the HVAC industry. Many HVAC companies are currently seeking qualified technicians to further teach the trade and keep up with demand. Your job will never be outsourced to a foreign land. New technology along with increasing environmental considerations are increasing the demand for knowledgeable technicians. There are numerous opportunities for advancement. There is a wide variety of work and areas of specialty. And there is the satisfaction of helping people, providing them a cool, comfortable environment in which to work and live!

We might be biased, but we think that the HVAC industry is the best to work in. If you have any other questions about the field, feel free to contact us. We’d love to share our positive experience with you.

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