If An AC Breaks Down Repeatedly, What Do I Do?

Breakdown of Air Conditioners, Dirty Filters and Switches Being Turned Off

With cash crunch being an issue with everyone today, air conditioners breaking down would be the last thing people would want. However, in case such a situation arises, one should be aware of its common problems and their solutions or ways to avoid them. The filters of the machine should be replaced regularly, ideally every month, since they restrict the flow of air and reduce its overall quality. Besides that, they should also be cleaned or washed periodically. The wall switches, if left switched off in mild weather, may increase the chances of the air conditioner not switching on.

Air conditioners may sometimes not function properly due to its beakers getting tripped due to loose wires, bad capacitors or bad breakers. In order to avoid expensive repairs later on, faults should be repaired as soon as they are detected or when they are simpler. Since air conditioning systems are sealed, the refrigerants should normally never leak. If they do, not only does the efficiency of the machine fall, but even the consumption of electricity rises. Weakened connections between the refrigerant tubing and fitting could also cause it. They are a range of tools which help in detecting these leaks.

Thermostats and Clogged Drain Lines

Thermostats should be switched between cooling mode and heating mode. The air conditioners would not start unless the switches are unbroken besides being in their right position. Digital thermostats should be installed as they rarely fail. Sometimes switches may break or a spike in the voltage might cause malfunctions. As air conditioners pull out moisture from humid air and lower the temperature, the plumbing systems of the machines drain it out of the homes. One must ensure the presence of drain pans for back up together with a condensate drain which is secondary. The spring system of cleaning clears drains.

Sticking of Contactor and Dirty Evaporator Coil

Sometimes the coating of silver on the contactor, an electromechanical button in the unit, will stick due to its silver coating wearing off and may cause the unit outside to continuously run. Even ants, in many cases, get attracted to electricity and are squashed between contactors not allowing them to close. Evaporator coils should be cleaned as the dirt and dust built up restricts the transfer capabilities of the heat of the coil resulting in the reduction in the air flow of the system. Besides increasing the operating cost, they also cause the reduction of the comfort of one’s home.

Dirty Condenser Coil and Duct Leaks

The portion on the outside of one’s system of air conditioning, also known as condenser coil, needs to be clean to reduce the consumption of electricity and increase the system’s capacity of cooling. When the ductwork becomes inefficient, it cools the space where the machine has been placed like attics and basements instead of the area which is to be conditioned which may in turn result in the increase in the run times of the machine besides the rise in the consumption of electricity. However, it would be most advisable to consult companies who provide after sales services for air conditioners.

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