Multizone HVAC Systems and Saving Money

Let’s face it, it can be costly to run your home HVAC system. A typical home will have 40% or more of it’s energy consumption directly attributable to heating and cooling costs. But you shouldn’t have to choose between saving money or being comfortable. And now you don’t have to!

Multizone HVAC Systems

The trouble with a central air system is that in many ways it’s like using a cannon to kill a mosquito. It is a huge piece of machinery that sucks up a lot of power. It’s certainly more than capable of cooling or heating an entire house quickly, and relatively efficiently, but it leaves a lot to be desired in several areas.

The air in your home won’t all cool or warm at the same rate. Areas of the home that get more direct sunlight will heat faster than those which receive more shade. Traditionally however, if you wanted to cool those rooms which heated in the sun, you would have to run the system and cool the entire house. A centrally-located thermostat doesn’t help the efficiency any, either. And to top it off there are temperature losses incurred within the ductwork itself.

The HVAC system that can alleviate these issues isn’t a new one. Everyone has seen the ac unit hanging out of an apartment window downtown. That ac unit is properly known as a ductless heat pump. By using multiple ductless heat pumps and thermostats within a home, you can more effectively, and cheaply, manage the air within the home.

After all, why heat or cool the entire house when you just need one room cooled?

A ductless, multizone, HVAC system properly setup and used can reap huge energy savings. It will also allow for higher individual control of the temperatures within a home, which is great because not everyone likes the same temperature. Gone are the days of yelling at the kids for messing with the thermostat.

If a ductless system has you intrigued and you would like to discuss your options, give us a call at Woodacre Fuel & HVAC to discuss your multizone options, today!

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