Zoning Can Help You Save Energy Costs

Efficiency is a goal for every homeowner in keeping their family warm. Performance is determined by a number of factors, some of which are mentioned less but can be equally important. Zoning for different areas of the home creates an environment of chosen temperatures in rooms based upon usage. For instance, the bedroom area can be zoned so that it is cool during the night, but warmer at times when the family is getting up in the morning and preparing for sleep at night. A kitchen and family room area can be zoned such that it is warm and comfortable when the family is together, then cooler at times when the family is off to work and school.

There are significant savings gained by re-zoning hot water, warm air and hydro-air systems in an existing home. Furthermore, when individuals are comfortable upon entering a room, they are unlikely to adjust the thermostat. Through zoning, the homeowner can establish consistent settings which coincide with usage and conserve energy, while keeping their family comfortable. Contact Woodacre Fuel & HVAC today or call us at 1-888-984-3306 to learn more about how zoning can improve your comfort.

-Linda Woodacre

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