4 Signs That Your Heater Might be Failing this Winter

Most people rely on a heating system to keep their home toasty during the wintertime. Unfortunately, heating systems don’t last forever, and sometimes they even fail when you least expect it. Here are 4 signs that your heater may be failing this winter:

1.Your heater is old.

Furnaces have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is getting up there in age, then it may be time to replace it. Furnaces tend to require the most amount of repairs during the final two to three years of their lives. So, if you’ve been calling your HVAC repair person a lot over the past couple of years, you may want to see if a system replacement would end up benefiting you (and your wallet!) in the long run.

If you’ve had your furnace for less than 15 years, be sure to have maintenance performed on your system as recommended, or at least once per year. Having routine maintenance performed on newer units can help extend the life of your heating system by ensuring that your unit is running properly. Also, HVAC technicians are trained to catch any small issues before they turn into larger complications.

2. Your furnace is creating cold air.

If your heating system is producing cold air rather than warm air, it may be a sign that your heater is failing. There are several causes as to why your furnace may be acting more like an AC unit. It could be that the furnace’s blower motor is malfunctioning, which means that your furnace unit simply doesn’t have enough momentum from its motor to reach all the vents in your home. This could account for “cold spots”.

Occasionally, a furnace may not produce any warm air at all, and this is more likely caused by a faulty pilot light or heat exchanger. Whatever may be the cause of your heater producing cooler air, you’ll want to get the expert advice of an HVAC technician. An HVAC pro can help you determine whether or not you’ll need a repair or a system replacement.

3. You are experiencing increased energy bills.

Sometimes an increase in your heating bills can be a telltale sign that your heater is failing. Furnaces are designed to keep your home at a constant temperature (that you set on your thermostat). So, if your furnace is struggling to keep your home at a steady temperature, it may be working harder than it should be. If you’re noticing that your energy bills are higher than they were in previous years, you may want to give an HVAC professional a call. They’ll be able to assess whether or not your furnace simply needs a tune-up, or something more significant, to get your home’s heating system back in working order.

4. Your heater has started to make strange noises.

It’s no secret that most furnaces and heating units are a bit noisy, but if you notice any strange or unfamiliar sounds coming from your system, call in a pro. Odd noises can indicate that something has gone awry with your system: perhaps a part has loosened or failed. It’s best to play it safe and call in a professional so that you’ll get expert advice on whether or not that peculiar noise is something you should be concerned about.

Are you experiencing any of these signs of heater failure? If so, contact us today to get your heating system back up and running in time for the holidays.

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