Don’t Go Broke Like Last Year: Save on Heating Costs the Easy Way

lled. These gaps will allow air to flow in and out of the house, raising your heating costs. This can be fixed by filling in these gaps expanding foam.

2) Get a new thermostat:
A good way to save on heating costs during the colder months is by upgrading to a programmable thermostat. These thermostats can be set to lower the temperature when nobody is home, and to begin raising it before anyone gets home. This way, your home is always warm when you’re there, but you aren’t wasting money by running the heater when you’re gone. This strategy can also be utilized when you’re asleep.

3) Utilize Mother Nature:
Most people don’t think of this, but a good option for saving on heating costs is to utilize the sun’s heat. If you keep your windows open and allow sunlight to come into your house, you can run your heater less often and still keep your home warm.
4) Get new windows:
If you live in an older home with outdated windows, it is highly likely that a lot of heat is escaping through them. By upgrading to more energy-efficient windows, you will be able to keep heat trapped inside your house and save a lot of money on heating costs.
5) Get glass doors for your fireplace:
If your home has a chimney, a lot of heat is probably escaping your home through it. In order to rectify this and save a lot of money, install fitted glass doors in front of your fireplace and keep them closed whenever the fireplace is not in use.
6) Bundle up:
This suggestion is simple, yet effective. During the colder months, instead of running your heater all day, you can simply bundle up in warm winter clothes. When you’re lounging around the house, cover up with warm blankets! In order to make this easier for you and everyone in your home, keep blankets and coats stashed around the house so there is always one close by!
7) Don’t heat unused rooms:
If there are rooms in your home nobody ever uses, you can save a bunch on heating costs by sealing off the vents in those rooms and increasing energy efficiency throughout the rest of the house.
8) Invest in better insulation:
If you’re worried about heat escaping your home, you can buy inexpensive insulation from any local hardware store and cover up any areas you’re worried heat may be escaping from.
9) Buy a humidifier:
Have you ever been to the Deep South in the summer time? If you have, then you understand this suggestion. Humid air traps more heat, and increasing the humidity in your home will make your home feel a lot warmer for a much lower price!
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