Garden and Air Conditioner Similarities

Spring gardens and air conditioning have more in common that you may realize!

Your gardener does a nice thorough tidy-up of the yard, removing leaves, sticks and last year’s cuttings from the plants and generally getting the soil ready for the yard’s summer performance of splendor.  Your outside air conditioning unit needs the same type of attention!

Tending to plantings, old and new, is imperative for year-long beauty as well; testing soil, moisture and tweaking the PH and fertilizer is the short list.

Air conditioning systems, whether an older variety or a high-efficiency performance model, need annual maintenance to change filters, test performance and make necessary adjustments for proper operation under demanding temperatures of summer.

As there is variety in your garden, so too is there variety in home cooling systems.  Air conditioning systems may perform all year long when they are part of your heating system ductwork/furnace.  Other cooling systems are separate (central whole-home systems or split-ductless systems for hard to reach areas) and lay dormant for the heating season.

The quality of your family’s indoor air should be a priority.  Adding air conditioning and proper air filtration to your home purifies the air your family breaths, so pollen and other airborne particulate are removed continuously, while keeping the humidity levels low to deter the growth of mold and mildew.  Properly installed and performing air conditioning systems can improve the health and comfort of your family.  Call Woodacre HVAC today to schedule a service, upgrade or installation of air conditioning for your home.  Maintain healthy and comfortably conditioned air in your home by calling Woodacre HVAC.

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