Ice and Snow Damage to HVAC Systems

Addressing the damages to your home caused by significant ice and snow this winter is a painstaking process.  Identifying all the areas of damage is critical to your insurance claim. In addition to the obvious, remember to have your outside air conditioning condenser and refrigerant lines checked. Impact from heavy ice and snow, as well as drifting snow has damaged many outside condensers and heat pumps.  It is important to have a skilled HVAC technician examine your system before starting it up this spring.  Call Woodacre today to schedule your appointment.  If physical damage is obvious, we can make a site visit right away to have your unit replaced.  Otherwise, we recommend you schedule the appointment for when the weather warms and the system can be properly run and tested.

Perhaps you experienced ice dams and roof damage which caused water leakage into your attic or basement, thereby damaging your Furnaces, Air Handlers or Boilers.  Make a positive move from this unfortunate damage; take advantage of energy saving rebates and operational savings for years to come by upgrading your heating and/or cooling equipment.  Depending upon the quality/efficiency of the existing equipment, a rule of thumb is that a heating or cooling system 12 years or older will be 10-30% less efficient than high efficiency equipment available today!  The older your equipment, the greater your savings.  As we have all seen our monthly electric and gas bills skyrocket, despite our frugal use of the thermostat, NOW IS THE TIME to REPLACE YOUR HEATING & COOLING SYSTEMS!  Perhaps a replacement will at least stabilize your monthly utility bills, despite the significantly higher utility rates.

Call Woodacre today for a Free Estimate to replace your heating and/or cooling system.

Another reason to upgrade your existing air conditioning system is the fact that R-22 Refrigerant production is increasingly limited in production due to governmental regulation.  R-22 will be phased out completely in the near future.  The cost of R-22 needed for an old system is expensive as the regulation  to replace R-22 with more environmentally friendly R-210A (Puron) is completely phased in.   Adding cooling to your home, or upgrading the existing system to R-410A (Puron) greatly enhances the re-sale value of your home, while providing you with cost efficient comfort during the Spring filled with pollen and the hot and humid Summer days.  Make an investment for the health and comfort of your family today.  Call Woodacre for a Free Estimate to replace or install central air conditioning in your home.

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