Is A Ductless Split System Right For Me?

Ductless Split HVAC systems are now a preferred option in many parts of Europe. They have proven to be more efficient compared to conventional duct HVAC systems. Here are some valid reasons why a ductless split system will help your HVAC work more efficiently reducing cost.

Why are Ducted HVAC Systems no Longer Popular?

Before we get to the advantages of ductless HVAC units, let’s see why ducted units are getting phased out. To begin with, a lot of effort is required to install duct HVAC units because they are inflexible and complicated in their setups. Additionally, buildings have to be modified in a way that will accommodate the HVAC units and the duct systems. When it comes to performance, ducts lead to poor performance of HVAC unit since they are prone to leakages; debris collect in them and the duct size don’t always match the HVAC units fixed to them.

Advantages of Ductless HVAC Systems

They don’t require any ducts and are easier and faster to install. The units come self-contained with the fan coil tucked inside to give the unit a more appealing look. You also have the freedom to install the unit wherever you want; you can mount them on walls or hung them on ceilings to cool a room. The condenser is set outside, away from the house, getting rid of leakage problems. Interior designers are more motivated to expand their design ideas placing the ductless units in specific spaces where they will work more efficiently.

Additionally, ductless split HVAC systems are reasonably energy efficient. The HVAC compressor is regulated through advanced inverter technology ensuring that the units provide the exact energy required to heat or cool a room. They also come with a SEER rating of 13 to 36 which can save up to 60% of monthly utility bills. Given their flexibility, the ductless HVAC systems can fit in both modern houses and old structures where conventional HVAC systems cannot fit.

The ductless split HVAC systems are flexible and easier to install compared to conventional units. You will realize that you save more energy and utility bills per month than before. Follow our blog today to learn more tips on how you can benefit from ductless HVAC systems

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