Preparing Your Furnace For Winter

A working furnace is essential in the cold season; therefore, learning how to maintain a gas furnace can minimize problems, inconveniences and costs. Regular maintenance coupled with periodic inspection by a licensed and certified technician is essential for efficient and safe operation of the furnace; however, one should not wait until the cold snap hits. It is important to note that many things can happen during the warm season to affect the workings of a furnace.

Importance of Furnace Maintenance
A gas furnace is easy to maintain; nevertheless, it requires regular attention to ensure it is in good working condition. Unfortunately, many people question the rationale of maintenance, to the extent of assuming it is unnecessary. Additionally, homeowners tend to neglect or forget about the furnace until it is too late, since it is typically located in the least accessed area of the home. Some of the benefits of conducting maintenance include:

Early Detection of Problems
Early detection of problems improves the quality of the heating system. Regular maintenance helps the system to function smoothly and efficiently, while reducing the frequency and necessity for repairs. Proper maintenance gives you the ideal opportunity to deal with problems promptly, as opposed to waking up at midnight to an ice-cold home and frozen toes.

Lower Energy Bills
It is the goal of every home and property owner to save costs. Maintenance of the heating system can lower a home’s energy costs. This may simply involve cleaning, since dust and debris lower the efficiency of the heating unit, thus wasting more fuel.

Extend the Systems Life
Regular maintenance of a gas furnace helps to increase the lifespan of the system. In fact, proper maintenance has the ability to increase the life of the system by up to five years. This translates into substantial saving for such an important investment.

Keep the Home Safe
Carbon monoxide, among other dangers, is a major problem that often arises from a poorly working furnace. Regular maintenance of the furnace ensures the system is functioning safely.

Importance of hiring a professional
Many reputable companies offer annual or regular system maintenance, cleaning, and repair services. Such companies, such as Woodacre HVAC in Wellesley Hills, MA, employ experienced, licensed and certified technicians who come with all the necessary tools and emergency components. Trained professionals can locate existing problems or predict future problems. They charge a flat fee for a comprehensive maintenance visit, with an extra cost for any replacement parts.

Preparing a furnace for winter involves raising the thermostat setting to prevent the pipes from bursting, maintaining the water pressure in the boiler at recommended levels, and removing debris, snow, or anything else blocking the exhaust flue. Other preparation operations involve cleaning and replacing the filter, checking all the air vents in the house, checking the blower belt, checking and repairing the blower doors, and removing all flammable objects and fluids from the furnace’s surrounding area.

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