The Ultimate Guide to Home Recycling


Anymore, it’s hard to find a home that isn’t aware of the importance of protecting the environment and the green initiatives that have been set forth to do so. However, good intentions aren’t enough to keep the planet green. This is why we have put together this guide to home recycling to help inform local Wellesley Hills residents on how to best recycle their used goods in order to promote sustainability and keep our landfills low.

How to recycle at home

Understand what’s recyclable in your area

Different regions have varying policies on what is and is not acceptable to recycle due to manpower and resources. This is especially the case for metals, aluminum in particular. Whether you are new to your area or you’ve been in your home for a while, recycling rules have changed a lot in recent years. It is always wise to contact your local recycling facility to make sure that you are keeping up with their standards and regulations.

Keep it clean

No matter what you are recycling, in order for it to be reused in a sanitary manner, you need to rinse off any excess from the container. From milk jugs to bleach bottles, if the recyclable material is going to be used further, it needs to be clean to allow the waste management workers to properly handle the various recycled materials that they receive.

Avoid the extras

Part of being a responsible, recycling household is to avoid waste in the first place. Once you have an understanding of what is recyclable in your area, avoid buying, using and receiving items that are not recyclable.

Informing your favorite takeout place that you don’t need the package of disposable utensils is an easy way to cut out extra waste. Buying in bulk can avoid extra packaging that fills up our landfills. Purchasing items that are plastic wrapped instead of raw can also add to your waste. Most of this extra waste can be avoided with careful planning.

Plan ahead

It can be easy to be careless, especially if you did not grow up into a household that emphasized the importance of recycling. For those that do recycle as best as possible and live green, you understand that it takes a little extra effort to avoid waste and keep track of what can and can’t be recycled. One of the best ways to minimize waste is to cut out the weekly or bi-weekly addition of grocery bags to your garbage can. Plastic grocery bags are notorious for filling up landfills because they are so frequently and universally used. Bring reusable tote bags to your regular grocery visits to cut down on waste.

For more information on greener living at home, follow along with our blog. If you are looking to improve your energy efficiency and improve your indoor air quality, contact our Wellesley HVAC specialists today.

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