Wellesley Hills

At Woodacre Fuel and HVAC, we know that a well-maintained and regularly serviced HVAC system has a longer usable life than a system that is not regularly serviced and maintained. We offer excellence service to our customers in Wellesley Hills and the surrounding areas to keep your home comfort systems operating at their peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Wellesley Hills A/C Service

Our NATE certified technicians undergo rigorous training and work under a firm professional code of conduct to check out all your air conditioning equipment when you call for a yearly maintenance check on your cooling system. It is always an excellent idea to have your system inspected before the beginning of warm weather. The technician inspects all parts of the unit carefully in order to spot small problems and any worn or damaged parts of machinery. The technician does the necessary work on your home Wellesley Hills A/C Repairs to prevent a bigger and more expensive breakdown after your system is up and running for the summer.

We service all A/C units regardless of their brand. We offer duct work replacement services if yours is old and damaged. We also clean duct work when cleaning is needed. We install dehumidifiers and humidifiers as well as air purifiers. Even with regular maintenance, the best of air conditioners must fail sometime. If your unit is ready for replacement, we are proud to be an authorized Carrier dealer. We will gladly assist you in determining the correctly sized high efficiency unit and SEER rating needed for your cooling needs in your Wellesley Hills area home.

Wellesley Hills Heating Service

Let Woodacre Fuel and HVAC perform both regular and simple maintenance on your home’s heating system to prepare it for cold weather and keep it heating effectively throughout the low temperatures of the season. We will inspect your furnace’s safety controls and test them. We also replace air filters and check the operation of humidifiers, if you have any. We measure your home for the presence of CO and note the range (good, fair or poor) while also checking on your air quality. We can perform an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Analysis for you if you are concerned about indoor air pollution.

We offer extensive experience with the installation, maintenance and Wellesley Hills Heating Repairs on radiant heating systems as well as specific steam heat experience with new and existing boilers. The installations of high efficiency gas 95+ percent boilers and furnaces in your home also requires specialized routine maintenance which our technicians are trained and experienced in performing. We encourage all homeowners in the Wellesley Hills area to call us for more information on the HVAC services we provide or to make an appointment for a general maintenance check of your home comfort system.