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carrier ductless split air conditioning system At Woodacre Fuel and HVAC, we offer top of the line ductless split systems for residents in Wellesley Hills and the surrounding areas. These ductless split systems are perfect for heating and cooling efficiency – offering up to 23 SEER and 10.0 HSPF and lower monthly heating and cooling costs along with it. If you have been considering an alternative to inefficient and expensive boilers, furnaces, air conditioning systems and other HVAC systems, we invite you to learn about the ductless split systems and how they can bring you more comfort in your home.

How Do Ductless Split HVAC Systems Work?

Similar to traditional and conventional air conditioning and heating systems, a ductless split system consists of a compressor unit and indoor air handlers. The Compressor unit is placed on the outside of the home and the air handlers are placed inside the home at specific points – creating HVAC zoning for better efficiency. The big difference in ductless split systems – as opposed to traditional units – is that there is no ductwork to be installed. Instead of ducts, the compressor unit conditions refrigerant lines that are pumped to the air handlers and the handlers themselves use the refrigerant to cool the home.

Ductless Split HVAC Systems Benefits

A ductless split system comes with many benefits to homeowners including the following:

  • No Ductwork to Install or Maintain
  • Installation of the Unit is Easy and Does Not Require Major Changes to Your Home
  • Efficiency is Higher – as Efficiency is not Lost Via Ductwork
  • Ductless Systems Can Increase the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home
  • Ductless Systems Use Less Energy to Run – Leading to Lower Energy Bills
  • Ductless Systems Are Less Noisy Than Traditional Systems

If you are ready to make the switch to a ductless split system, call Woodacre Fuel & HVAC – your Massachusetts leader in installations and replacements of Carrier Brand ductless split systems – and we will explain to you all of your available options.

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