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At Woodacre Fuel & HVAC, we strive for excellence and perfection in everything we do. We make sure that all our residential and commercial clients are happy and comfortable all year round by providing them with quality heating and cooling services and products at all times. Based in Massachusetts, we serve Wellesley Hills, Needham, Natick and the surrounding areas.

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Carrier Brand Heating and Air Conditioning Products Authorized Dealer

We offer a wide range of Carrier heating and cooling products that you can always rely on. All our Carrier air conditioning systems are specifically designed to meet your heating and cooling needs in a budget-friendly manner. This means that you can benefit greatly from our comfort control thermostat, Carrier digital thermostat, Carrier heat pumps and Carrier residential heating and air conditioning systems. Click on the below product groups to discover more about the Carrier systems we offer:

We are proud to inform you that our line of Carrier products operate quietly and are very energy-efficient. Due to their quiet nature, they cannot disrupt your routine. So, expect no loud, irritating noises when the Carrier heat pumps, air conditioning units, or furnaces turn on.

Quiet Running Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Carrier air conditioning systems work quickly to bring temperatures up or down to a comfortable level no matter how cold or hot it becomes. Another interesting thing about these systems is that they are very capable of maintaining a high level of performance and efficiency for a long period of time with little routine maintenance. Our range of heating and cooling units include furnaces, fan coils, boilers, and evaporator coils.

Carrier Ductless HVAC Products

Due to the fact that they do not rely on ducts to move air, our ductless heating and cooling appliances are very suitable for small spaces such as dorm rooms, older rooms that lack ductwork, and individual rooms within larger houses. All our products are not only very affordable, but are also easy to install, operate and maintain. In addition, they offer impressive levels of energy efficiency.
Our NATE-certified technicians are factory-trained to install, maintain and service different types of heating and cooling systems fast with the utmost proficiency. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year, meaning that they are always at your service. They live locally and are close by to provide you with the much-needed consultation and services during any time of the year. Surprisingly, they may be your neighbors or the parent of a kid cheering the same team with your kids. We care about you and the community. This is evident from the way we support a large number of non-profit organizations on a regular basis.

We Can Save You Money on Your Monthly Energy Bills With Our Carrier Brand High Efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning Systems!
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