Benefits of Financing Your New Heating and Cooling System

HVAC systems can sometimes go out unexpectedly, and it’s often difficult for homeowners to have money on hand for these unforeseen moments. Financing your heating and heating and cooling system can make it possible for you to avoid a gap in comfortable home temperatures. How […]

Is A Ductless Split System Right For Me?

Ductless Split HVAC systems are now a preferred option in many parts of Europe. They have proven to be more efficient compared to conventional duct HVAC systems. Here are some valid reasons why a ductless split system will help your HVAC work more efficiently reducing […]

My Air Conditioner Is Frozen! What Happened?

Detecting a frozen air conditioner is not something that you can do with your sense of sight because the ice wouldn’t be visible. If you feel that your air conditioner is not cooling the room as efficiently as it used to then simply place your […]

Ice and Snow Damage to HVAC Systems

Addressing the damages to your home caused by significant ice and snow this winter is a painstaking process.  Identifying all the areas of damage is critical to your insurance claim. In addition to the obvious, remember to have your outside air conditioning condenser and refrigerant […]

Let Woodacre Listen to Your Needs

I think it is pertinent that we LISTEN, rather than SELL what we have in stock! This is about addressing the customers’ needs, real and perceived, not making a sale. An educated customer is a satisfied customer! We listen to what you are thinking.  As […]

Raising Efficiency Standards Has A High Initial Cost

Most homeowners find that implementing more efficient HVAC equipment into their home is a great idea. After all, saving money on energy and fuel costs is something every homeowner strives towards. However, there are often problems when trying to improve on HVAC Efficiency, especially for […]

Home Power Surge Protection

Your home’s HVAC system is one of the most important assets. Your HVAC system supplies fresh air and circulation, as well as heat and cool air to keep you, your family, your guests, and your pets healthy and comfortable in your home. Most homeowners take […]

NATE Certification Is Important

When you own a home, there are some things that need to be taken care of in order to keep it in good condition. For example, the HVAC system is a major component in most homes and is essential to keeping your home comfortable; however, […]