4 Signs That Your Heater Might be Failing this Winter

Most people rely on a heating system to keep their home toasty during the wintertime. Unfortunately, heating systems don’t last forever, and sometimes they even fail when you least expect it. Here are 4 signs that your heater may be failing this winter: 1.Your heater […]

Cost Considerations for Furnace Installations

Variables in Furnace Installation Costs If your furnace is between 15-20 years old it’s getting close to the time that it needs to be replaced and you will want to seriously consider having that done instead of waiting for it to simply stop functioning. The […]

How To Reduce Home Heating Costs This Winter

With rising fuel prices, it is important to keep home heating costs low. Whether your heating system uses natural gas, propane, heating oil or electricity, winter season may consume a huge percentage of your income. Your system must be energy efficient to keep energy bills […]

Ice and Snow Damage to HVAC Systems

Addressing the damages to your home caused by significant ice and snow this winter is a painstaking process.  Identifying all the areas of damage is critical to your insurance claim. In addition to the obvious, remember to have your outside air conditioning condenser and refrigerant […]

Let Woodacre Listen to Your Needs

I think it is pertinent that we LISTEN, rather than SELL what we have in stock! This is about addressing the customers’ needs, real and perceived, not making a sale. An educated customer is a satisfied customer! We listen to what you are thinking.  As […]

If I Have A Boiler Is It Possible To Add Air Conditioning?

If you use a boiler for heating your home, chances are you have wondered how you can keep your home cool in the summer. In fact, many people ask their HVAC professionals whether or not it is even possible to have air conditioning installed. One […]

Signs Your Furnace May Be In Trouble

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t know much about your furnace; other than it works hard to keep your home at comfortable temperatures. However, being aware of some signs that something is wrong with your furnace or HVAC system can help you […]

Wet Heat vs Dry Heat

Have you wondered whether you have a boiler or furnace in your home? Homeowners often ponder this question, trying to understand the how and why of their comfort indoors, whether they are too cold or too hot, but always too distant from their comfort zone! […]