Managing Energy Provides The Consumer With Abundant Cost Savings

The term energy management can fall into several different categories. The management system mentioned in this article is relative to saving energy in the public sector and inside residences. Using Energy Managment Systems: Energy management is a procedure used in order to control, monitor and […]

Let Woodacre Listen to Your Needs

I think it is pertinent that we LISTEN, rather than SELL what we have in stock! This is about addressing the customers’ needs, real and perceived, not making a sale. An educated customer is a satisfied customer! We listen to what you are thinking.  As […]

Energy Saving Tips For Winter

When you think about saving energy, do not imagine your efforts have to be high-tech or burdensome. Many of the moves you can make to cut down on energy use and utility bills are actually very simple, small, and effortless. Here are some of the […]

Raising Efficiency Standards Has A High Initial Cost

Most homeowners find that implementing more efficient HVAC equipment into their home is a great idea. After all, saving money on energy and fuel costs is something every homeowner strives towards. However, there are often problems when trying to improve on HVAC Efficiency, especially for […]